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The CSG – Background & Values

Background to the Organisation

Set up in 1992 following a discovery days training programme. Our Lady of Lourdes CSG Ltd is committed to identifying and supporting the needs of people living in the local community, through the provision of people centred services which are open, accessible and professionally delivered. Over the past 20 years the company has grown from strength and currently has an annual turnover in excess of 1.5 million euro PA we are a registered company, fully tax compliant and have charitable status.

Core Organisational Values
Honesty and Trust

Our Lady of Lourdes CSG Ltd will deal with all individuals and groups openly and honestly. We will review our effectiveness and will incorporate lessons learned into future programmes and we are committed to improving our services for the benefit of our community.


We are committed to promoting respect and integrity in dealing with volunteers, staff, partner organisations and members of the public. We strive for equity and fairness in our decision making and in our treatment of one another. We honour our commitments and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards

Community Spirit

We are committed to working with the local community, so that it can grow to become a safer, healthier and a happier place to live. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service. We listen carefully and respond to the needs and expectations of the community and we encourage creativity and innovation as we constantly seek to improve our services and to enhance the quality of life in our community.



We prioritise effective communication with staff, advisory groups and the community through appropriate channels provide comprehensive, timely information to the public, media, funders, and other stakeholders and we are responsive to all reasonable requests for information. All public information about our organisation fully and honestly reflects our policies and practices.


We will develop, deliver and facilitate services which seek to meet the needs of people within the local community in a welcoming and accessible way. As an organisation we model inclusive practice and operate in a manner which encourages diverse perspectives.

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