Community Employment

Community Employment or CE is a programme of work and training for people who have been out of work for a while.

OLOL CSG’s CE programme gives participants the skills needed to get back into the workforce and break the cycle of being unemployed.

Community Employment is 19.5 hours per week and is sponsored by Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP).


Participants are given on-the-job training, opportunities for certified vocational training, and coaching and mentoring towards their chosen career goal.

OLOL CSG provides a supportive environment that encourages participants to take on accredited training and work experience in order to re-enter the work force



The criteria for participating on the Community Employment Programme are based on age and length of time in receipt of various social welfare payments. Enquire with your local Intreo case officer re eligibility.




OLOL CSG has CE positions in a variety of roles including but not limited to:

-Kitchen Assistant
- Housekeeper - Cleaning

-Security / Caretaker

-Environmental Worker

-Bus Driver



At our project we work with vulnerable adults and children, therefore all of our positions have to be Garda Vetted. If you have lived abroad, you will need to get vetting from each country you have lived in. If you have lived outside of Ireland for 6 months or more in the past 3 years you will not be eligible.




All vacant CE positions at OLOL CSG are advertised on the JobsIreland website.

To find out more about Community Employment at OLOL,

Contact Caroline on 061-228596 or email

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Within the Community Service’s Group’s  key staff, we can draw upon  a team of multi- talented, highly educated and widely experienced staff members to provide co-ordination of quality services on behalf of the board.



The CSG in Partnership with others provides a range of services for those aged 18 years  upwards these include

  • services to the unemployed

  • information services

  • adult education and guidance.

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Set up in 1992 following a discovery days training programme. Our Lady of Lourdes CSG Ltd is committed to identifying and supporting the needs of people living in the local community, through the provision of people centred services which are open, accessible and professionally delivered. Over the past 20 years the company has grown from strength and currently has an annual turnover in excess of 1.5 million euro PA we are a registered company, fully tax compliant and have charitable status.